Did Aliens Interrupt Live British TV Broadcast Sending Important Messages To Humanity? VIDEO

As the news program was playing on British television the screen suddenly flickered and the aliens began to speak.

During a broadcast on the night of November 26, 1977, a strange signal interrupted the news and transmitted a message to all humanity from aliens, suddenly the television image began to flicker slightly, then a buzzing sound appeared.

Then came a voice that didn’t sound human but more like a mechanical or alien device.

In place of the broadcast message was a blurry image of someone claiming to be from the Ashtar Galactic Command speaking.
This bizarre incident left hundreds of British viewers so terrified that they couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

Orion War: The Origin of Humanity.

Here is the message that Vrillon, the Representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command, wants to convey to everyone on Earth:

“For many years we (the beings of the Ashtar galaxy) appeared on Earth in the form of bright objects in the sky. Now we want to talk to you in peace.
Peace and wisdom have always been our top priorities when it comes to other planets and your Earth.
Today we are here to remind you of the fate of humans and the Earth in the future. Fortunately, people from all over the world, regardless of their nationality or race, can come together and cooperate to prevent future disasters.

As the Earth enters the New Age of Aquarius, we hope this message will wake you up. The new age will bring great growth and peace. To achieve this, their leaders need to know the hostile forces that want to exploit their power.
Now listen calmly to the message we want to convey. Because it’s okay, it could be your last and only chance. You must give up weapons of war and bloody conflicts.
If you can do that, Earth humans can evolve to another level. Time is running out, they just need to live together in peace quickly.
Now some people on Earth are beginning to understand the new age and spread the information to all of humanity.

You have the right to disbelieve and ignore them, but only those who know how to live in harmony with all things and nature can evolve into a higher spiritual realm.
He hears from Vrillon, the representative of the Ashtar command. Be careful because on Earth there are many people who take advantage of their faith to make false prophecies. They do this to cheat people’s money, everything they say is baseless and inaccurate.

The spokesman for the aliens said that this is the message that Vrillon, representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command.

Your inner divinity can protect you from lies and deception. You must learn to listen to your inner voice to distinguish between true and false. Once you learn to hear the truth from within, you will be on your way to spiritual elevation.

We have watched you for a long time and love you very much. This is the message we want to send to the people of Earth, we are still here in numbers far beyond what your scientists know.

We care a lot about you and your journey towards the light. We will do our best to help you, do not worry, try to understand yourself and live in harmony with the Earth. Ashtar Galactic Command, thank you for listening to us, we are leaving Earth, may the love and supreme truth of the universe bless you”.

After one of the aliens finished speaking, the television signal cut out and the transmission returned to normal. This incident was excused and reported by Southern TV. Since they couldn’t explain this incident, they assumed it was just a malicious prank.

However, it can be seen that the theft of television signals in 1977 was an extremely difficult task that required advanced and quite expensive technology.

After this incident, Vrillon was also not found, no one could give a reasonable explanation. Why would anyone want to do this?


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