Egypt discover sign of extraterrestrial activity in the tomb of King Tutankhamun

There are theories that aliens built the pyramids. Almost always these theories are rejected by leading archaeologists. Including prominent Egyptologists and Egyptian government officials. So some ufologists and conspiracy theorists had said. Affirming that the Pyramids were built by beings from other worlds. The fact is that this belief stems from the well-known ancient astronaut hypothesis. Same as they maintain that humans are descendants of aliens who visited the earth thousands of years ago. Oh failing direct descendant of them. Egypt Discovered Sign of Extraterrestrial Activity in the Tomb of King Tutankhamun.

Escaneo radar detecta signo de actividad extraterrestre en Egipto

This hypothesis is also based on religious accounts. Since these speak of beings come from heaven. Whom many know as fallen angels and others as defenders and creators of man. It is understood that these built large structures such as the pyramids of Egypt and the Moai or monolithic humanoid statues located on Easter Island.

Ex ministro de antiguedades de egipto

During 2010, Former Minister of Antiquities Zahi Hawass was asked. Better known as the Indiana Jones of Egypt: What if the pyramids of Egypt had been built by aliens? To which he replied. This is stupid, there is no proof of it. It is more than evident that Hawass totally rejects this theory. But even so, search and scrutinize each of the corners of these pyramids and possibly know the true history that these majestic constructions hide.

Signs of extraterrestrial activities in the tomb of King Tutankhamun

A few years ago; Egypt’s antiquities ministry announced that some signs of extraterrestrial activity had been discovered. Which were in Egyptian tabloids from the tomb of King Tutankhamun. These discoveries were made thanks to radar scans of the tomb.

Extraña momia de origen extraterreste descubierto proximo a la tumba de tutankamon

After having scanned the tabloids of the tombs. French archaeologist Avril Sap refuted the theories. According to which the tomb of Queen Nefertiti is hidden behind that of King Tutankhamun. He said that behind those walls there are extraordinary secrets that seem to be out of this world. According to Avril Sap, the scans also revealed a mysterious and extraterrestrial material from some mummy. However, both SAP and some anonymous officials at the Egyptian Antiquities Museum refused to answer questions about whether this mysterious body could belong to a normal human being or if they were of extraterrestrial origin.

The mystery about the strange discovery in Egypt persists

So far it has not been identified or revealed what was so exceptional that those archaeologists have discovered in the tomb of Tutankhamun or to whom or to whom that mysterious body belongs. But if they have revealed that they had never before seen results like those thrown by the scanner to the tabloid of said tomb in Egypt. Said archaeologist Avril Sap, who accidentally discovered two dinosaur bones in the Great Pyramid of Giza 7 years ago on April 1, 2014. Whatever lies behind the walls of the Giza pyramids could hide the secret of everything . What is behind the history and technology of ancient Egypt and if it was really built by extraterrestrial beings, on their instructions. Oh they were just built by slaves and normal people

The point is that Egypt will continue to carry out radar scans. In order to determine how to enter the hidden chamber of the Giza pyramid without damaging anything inside. What we discover here will attract tourists from all over the world and could reveal many mysteries and increase many theories, more than there are. An Antiquities official said, referring to Egypt’s tourism crisis.

Other discoveries of extraterrestrial origin such as Tutankhamun’s dagger

Let us remember that amazing discoveries had already been made in the tomb of this young and legendary pharaoh buried more than 3300 years ago. For example, the alien material discovered on his dagger. In 1925, archaeologist Howard Carter found two daggers, one made of iron and the other with gold foil, belonging to Pharaoh Tutankhamun. The amazing thing is that this dagger was decorated with gold handles, a floral sheath and despite the time that has elapsed it never rusted. Not something exceptional.

La daga de tutankamon de origen extraterrestre

But what really left scientists speechless was the presence of a high content of nickel and the presence of cobalt. So they suggest that this material is of extraterrestrial origin. The researchers used an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer to determine its chemical composition. Let’s hope this new discovery of what appears to be a mummy of extraterrestrial origin is the same or more interesting.


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