Who are the Pleiadians?

The Pleiadians are a collective of aliens from the Pleiades star system.

Also known as Nordics, they are a collective of entities from the seven stars that we know as The Pleiades. They say that they are our ancestors, since they contributed their DNA for the emergence of the human race. That is why they are known as our seminal group. They have a biology like ours, although their technological and spiritual development is greater than that of Earth.

“The Pleiadian culture was ‘seeded’ from another universe of love long before the Earth was created. They have formed a great society that operates with love, ideas and ideals that we are not yet familiar with. Many have recently come to participate in the new Earth experiment, to help humans awaken, remember who they are, and reclaim their power and destiny.”


The first alleged Pleiadian contactee was the Swiss ufologist Billy Meier (b. 1937), who claimed to have been contacted by the Pleiadians in 1942. The being who contacted him said his name was Sfath. In the fifties, an American woman named Cynthia Appleton claimed to have been impregnated by Pleiadians, who were the parents of her son Mattew.

In the 1950s – during the heyday of class B science fiction cinema – descriptions of this type of extraterrestrials multiplied, especially in Europe.

However, in the following decades the Nordics were replaced by the gray aliens.

Another alleged contactee is the Peruvian Sixto Paz who claims to have visited the Pleiadian colonies on the moons of Jupiter, such as Ganymede.

Eventually the idea of ​​the Pleiadians became popular until mixed with New Age beliefs and became pseudo-religious spiritual principles. The Pleiadians are called the Elder Brothers and are said to seek to preach spiritual messages among human beings. It is generally accepted by believers that the Pleiadians are part of the supposed Galactic Federation of Light, enemies of the Draconian Empire, and followers of a pantheistic, vegetarian, New Age religious doctrine.

Communication with humans

There are several people who are channeling groups of Pleiadians since the late 1980’s. Through these channelings they offer us practical information to break our paradigms and explain how things look outside of our planet. Sometimes they also tell us stories whose function is the same as that of biblical parables, since it is about transmitting knowledge for which we often do not have adequate frames of reference.

Human history according to the Pleiadians

According to the Pleiadians, humanity is an experiment of the Creator through which it explores and expresses itself. God endowed creatures with his own gifts and told them to “go and experience.” Those original creatures, let’s call them Creator Gods, began to develop the Universe. At a certain moment they decided to create a place called Earth, destined to be a center of information exchange.

Many civilizations contributed to the plan and sent their DNA so that there could be a representative of their world on our planet. The creator gods then designed the different human and animal species on Earth through genetic manipulation. Civilizations that are now extinct arose, such as Lemuria.

But the Project caused fights with other civilizations for the control of the place, for which huge stellar battles began. Since Earth had been designated as a place of free will, the original creators – members of the Family of Light – could not prevent other beings, other creator gods, from occupying the planet.


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