Egyptian Pyramids Were Built With ‘Stone-Lifting Machines’, Manuscript Reveals


The biggest question that surrounds the admirers of the pyramids of Egypt is, how was it possible for humans to build these giant structures? When four thousand years ago, technology did not yet exist, much less the machinery that we have today. Or at least we think so.

The historian Herodotus and his theories

This famous historian in 440 a. C, wrote about the mystery that for so many years humanity has tried to solve. And although in his words it is not clear, many people have come to think that Herodotus hid a part of this story.

The mystery of the construction remains unsolved

Thousands of years ago the construction of the pyramids of Egypt was carried out, using a perfect technique that is still unknown. Curiosity and the unknown usually surround us regarding the method that was used for this building.

Most were built so that the pharaohs, their friends and important people had a decent tomb. Throughout different reigns in Egypt, pyramids with different sizes and shapes were built. The first was built in the dynasty of Pharaoh Djoser.

Pirámide escalonada de Djoser

the stone buildings

These particular buildings were the beginning of architecture in ancient times. It is believed that they were created in stages, starting at the base and culminating at the top, some even measuring up to 60 meters in height.

Currently the Egyptian pyramids have become one of the most interesting tourist destinations and therefore the most visited. It is very attractive to people, which is why it has become very famous, especially because of its unfinished history.

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Is there any document of how they were built?

Currently the only thing on hand about the construction works of the pyramids are some ancient texts written by Herodotus, specifically “The Histories”, a work written in the Ionian dialect, probably created around the year 430 BC. c.


Some researchers have promoted the idea that these constructions were carried out by the slaves of those times. But it has also been proven that it would be impossible for these slaves to carry such a weight. Unless they were gods and had extraordinary strength.

This theory for many is completely ruled out, so the unknown becomes much more resounding in our minds. Is it something we are completely unaware of? Or on the contrary, did they have such advanced machinery that they could carry out such a work? Many have even come to think that aliens built them.

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The creepy story of Khufu

Currently there is no record of how the pyramids were built, nor who carried out these magnificent works, or at least who was the architect. However, there are some stories of how a collection for said construction could be achieved.

During the reign of Khufu, it is said that there was a bad economic situation in Egypt. However, while he was ruling he built one of the largest pyramids at that time.

Estatua de Keops, Museo del Cairo
Khufu statue, Cairo Museum.

A distinguished precision

Something that these constructions have in common is the meticulousness with which they were built. This inexplicable fact is quite a riddle for anyone who can stop to see the pyramids.

Researchers have even reached the conclusion that making a structure with the same precision in these times would be an almost impossible task. Due to the perfection that characterizes these buildings in ancient Egypt, it has been called one of the most sophisticated works in history.

Pirámides de Egipto
Egyptian pyramids

Were they really built with advanced machinery?

The most prominent historian of all time wrote about it: “The Stories” in which he mentioned “machines lifted the stones and placed them in their place”. Today we do not know exactly what he meant by these words.

Fragmento del Libro VIII de la Historia de Heródoto en el Papiro de Oxirrinco nº 2009
Fragment of Book VIII of the History of Herodotus in the Oxyrhynchus Papyrus nº 2009.

The following is an excerpt from Herodotus corresponding to “The Histories”

“The pyramid was erected on steps, in the form of battlements, as some call it, or in the form of a tall one, according to others. After laying the foundations, they used machines to install the remaining stones… …The first machine lifted them off the ground and up to the first step. Above this was another machine, which took the stone on its arrival and carried it to the second step, from where it was further advanced by a third machine. Either they had so many machines since there were steps in the pyramid, or they had only one machine which, because it was easily movable, moved from one layer to another as the stones went up; both statements are provided, hence I discuss both…


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