The UFO of Fatima, Sighting? The Virgin of Fatima is an alien?

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On May 13, 1917, three little shepherds Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco, the eldest, Lucia, twelve years old, who were grazing their sheep in Cova de Iria, a very poor area of ​​Portugal, witnessed the appearance of a luminous cloud that located on an oak near them. And according to the description found in the Fátima parish archive, from within the light a being of feminine appearance appeared, about one meter tall, with a round hat on her head, a quilted checkered cape, a one-piece suit , some like boots and a glass sphere in hand. Nothing to do with the image that religious stamps give us. And interesting fact is that the children never said that it was the Virgin, but called her “the lady” or “the lady” or “the woman dressed in the sun”. To counteract skepticism and the rejection of religious authorities as civilians, “The lady” announced an extraordinary demonstration that would take place on October 13 of that same year.

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It was thus that 70,000 people gathered in that town to attend the verification of that celestial connection, and since it had rained, the clouds were low, the ground was wet and the people soaked; when soon, between the clouds a luminous object appeared. Some describe it as a shiny disk that turned on itself; others saw it silver and with multicolored lights on the sides making zigzag movements. It then dove into the crowd, emitting heat so intense that it dried the ground and people’s clothing, immediately rising and disappearing into the clouds. The event was observed in a sixty km radius calling it the “Dance of the Sun”.

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If it had been the sun, it would have represented an unprecedented catastrophe, and it would have been seen simultaneously on the other places illuminated by the sun. The sun cannot be placed below the clouds, on the contrary, it is always well above them and the fact is that the Earth revolves around the sun and not the other way around. Obviously it was not a hallucination or mass hysteria, because but how to explain the intense heat that dried what was wet, and that the phenomenon was observed by both believers and skeptics for sixty km around. The object, I repeat: it rotated on itself, many saw it as a bright disk, with multicolored on the sides and that made zig zags… All this reminds us of the description and behavior of UFOs… And the miracles that have been carried out could be explained in light of the fact that such events can produce a detonating effect of all the potentialities of the human being. Let us remember “that faith moves mountains”…But certainly also, these phenomena occur in places where strange things used to happen in ancient times. Probably because they are in themselves places of power and connection with the feminine energy of Mother Earth. Let us remember that the Fatima area was always known as “the land of phenomena”…

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During the apparitions at the turn of the century the children were given three secrets, two of which were revealed at the time, but the third secret was kept hidden. Moreover, the order was for the Pope to make it known at the request of “the lady.” But the opposite happened, inexplicably according to the nature of the phenomenon it was considered to be inconvenient, underestimating the giver of the message, supposedly the Virgin. Lucia, the only survivor of the three seers, was kept cloistered and away from everything and everyone, preventing her from any interview. John XXIII is said to have taken the secret to his grave. But when John Paul II was wounded during a terrorist attack, the third secret came up again, which among other things supposedly alluded to the attacks against that Pope. Therefore, John Paul II, in an unprecedented offer, promised to make it known publicly. It was Joseph Ratzinger, the current Pope Benedict XVI (16 in numerology is a lie and falsehood), the highest authority of the Institute for the Doctrine of the Faith, known before as the Holy Inquisition or Holy Office, the one in charge of informing the international press and the world of said secret, but when it was read it caused great disappointment, because what was read, which was supposedly what had been hidden as top secret for decades, it didn’t really say anything, it was so cryptic and diffuse, that it was even worrying that the church had lent itself to encouraging the curiosity of the mystery.

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But was that really the third secret of Fatima? And if she wasn’t, who is still interested in her not knowing herself? What could it contain so that there is a whole conspiracy around him? Does he specify the end of the church as an institution, or does he suddenly speak of some natural catastrophe, world war or great epidemic that could decimate the world’s population? What we are sure of is that it proposed great changes, and these will inevitably come to pass for the better. It has been very interesting to see the connection established between Lucia and Pope John Paul II, in such a way that he died a few days after Lucia died. And it is more than worrying that Karol Woljtyla, having been a prolific writer whose many writings and even plays were published, his personal testament has surprised everyone by its lack of coherence and a profound universal message, if that was really his testament. Because it is also very difficult to believe that the Holy Father himself gave the order that at his death all his documents and papers be burned, as if he had something to hide or to repent of. All this could be explained in light of the contradictions that It turns out that John Paul II, in one of his few well-used opportunities to bring about changes, apologized for the errors of the Church, such as the Inquisition and the indifference and complicity in the fate of the Jews in the extermination camps during the second world war, and that at his death not only was someone not elected who continued to improve the image of the Church made worse by the number of sexual and financial scandals, but on the contrary an “inquisitor” with a criminal record was elected. in every sense, not at all holy.

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